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I am back! by SamanthaMarie258 I am back! :iconsamanthamarie258:SamanthaMarie258 3 2 Untitled by SamanthaMarie258 Untitled :iconsamanthamarie258:SamanthaMarie258 0 0 vertigo by SamanthaMarie258 vertigo :iconsamanthamarie258:SamanthaMarie258 0 0 Single Mother Jellyfish Family by SamanthaMarie258 Single Mother Jellyfish Family :iconsamanthamarie258:SamanthaMarie258 0 0 Fly, Dragon by SamanthaMarie258 Fly, Dragon :iconsamanthamarie258:SamanthaMarie258 0 7 free by SamanthaMarie258 free :iconsamanthamarie258:SamanthaMarie258 6 3 dare. by SamanthaMarie258 dare. :iconsamanthamarie258:SamanthaMarie258 12 11 Don' by SamanthaMarie258 Don' :iconsamanthamarie258:SamanthaMarie258 3 9 .InfraRed. by SamanthaMarie258 .InfraRed. :iconsamanthamarie258:SamanthaMarie258 1 3 Rapids. by SamanthaMarie258 Rapids. :iconsamanthamarie258:SamanthaMarie258 1 7 Away. by SamanthaMarie258 Away. :iconsamanthamarie258:SamanthaMarie258 4 5 Meccamputecture. by SamanthaMarie258 Meccamputecture. :iconsamanthamarie258:SamanthaMarie258 17 21 Exotic. by SamanthaMarie258 Exotic. :iconsamanthamarie258:SamanthaMarie258 2 0 Down Down. by SamanthaMarie258 Down Down. :iconsamanthamarie258:SamanthaMarie258 1 8 Kermit the Frog. by SamanthaMarie258 Kermit the Frog. :iconsamanthamarie258:SamanthaMarie258 5 10 Absolum. by SamanthaMarie258 Absolum. :iconsamanthamarie258:SamanthaMarie258 2 3

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My 1000 Words
I've heard that a picture is a worth a thousand words
How much do you think a person is worth, do you think its a great amount
My guess would be that it would be somewhere around an infinity
I've written to many about you to really count
You're deserving of more than a thousand thats for sure
I think my thoughts of you have gone to a different degree
Its getting to the point where I find them very confusing
Are they something really lovely or just plain creepy
I think that every word I used to describe you describes me too
Because in all reality you are what defines me
:iconshapiro7861:Shapiro7861 3 0
bruxism II by hellehathnofury bruxism II :iconhellehathnofury:hellehathnofury 27 5
Look Up The Beast
If you take one human life its like you took away an infinity
Its an idea that doesn't seem to be very widely accepted
Death and war seems to be the common affinity
Ideas of salvation are quickly and violently rejected
Using excuses of peace is like fucking for virginity
Every single life on this planet is something that should be respected
We've been witnessing a decline in general wellbeing
Have you noticed a change for the better recently?
If you said yes then you obviously must be dreaming
Either you are optimistic or you think everyone is treated with decency
Not everyone one is in the same state that you are living
Mass deception is effecting most of everyone presently
I just want people to recognize whats going on today
Look at whats going on in Latin America and the Middle East
Imperialism is another common idea thats throwing the world in dismay
Look at where your clothes came from at least
If you believe slavery abolished thats wrong its still around today
Look up the brutali
:iconshapiro7861:Shapiro7861 4 0
result of love by NOIZEG result of love :iconnoizeg:NOIZEG 22 16 Media by Marshmallow21 Media :iconmarshmallow21:Marshmallow21 6 0 qqq 33 by metindemiralay qqq 33 :iconmetindemiralay:metindemiralay 1,584 67 cogs by penngregory cogs :iconpenngregory:penngregory 63 8 thinkin' 'bout you by NOIZEG thinkin' 'bout you :iconnoizeg:NOIZEG 7 0
Halloween Carving Contest

 What would Halloween be without letting loose your
 creative juices? (Quite literally!) One of Halloween's
 favorite pastimes is creating fun imagery in the flesh of
 a vegetable — pumpkins to be precise. For this year's
 Halloween spook-tacular, we want you to show off
 your carving skills!

  First, grab a pumpkin or any fruit or vegetable.
  Any size, any shape, any color will do. If you
  can't find a pumpkin, you may use whatever
  fruit or vegetable you'd like! Feel free to pick
  something that can be found in your local area.

  Second, carve to your heart's desire. Create a
  frightening face, a
:iconayame-kenoshi:Ayame-Kenoshi 1,652 1,350
The Dream
Last night I had a dream of you
You were lost and alone and didn't know what to do
I was an outer-body entity that observed you
I couldn't tell what was wrong but you were searching that much is true
At each turn I asked exactly what did you lose
It seemed important like it was usually stuck to you like glue
You were unresponsive and my curiosity just grew
Was it important or just something you could abuse
Could it possibly have been a book thats overdue
No, no you had a more frightened look about you
You were scared now its clear to see
That it wasn't something you'd find stuck in a tree
The items lost were your heart and personality
So its no wonder why I saw you searching aimlessly
I tried to get closer but there was a limit on my proximity
Sorry you lost something that seemed so amazing
If I could have gotten closer I would have asked you your story
Then you stopped and looked in my direction, I was amazed at what I didn't see
Because this whole time it wasn't you, I was looking at
:iconshapiro7861:Shapiro7861 1 6
Harmony by Vicarious-Trances Harmony :iconvicarious-trances:Vicarious-Trances 5 0
The Hurt
In reality most people who jump beds like they are afraid to sleep alone got hurt long ago
They are afraid to get close so they become essentially what we call a player or a hoe
No longer having confidence in their minds they parade around anything they can show
Lacking a safe haven or comfort zone fear and self hatred is now all they know
This is not always the case some people just give up completely
Staying away from all contact so they can't ever get hurt again so deeply
They view everything from every aspect so everything plays out neatly
Just like the others they lack a safe haven that was taken so cheaply
Then theres those that never made it through the tough times
Having no outlet they wrote their pain in the form of rhymes
But each time they got hurt they felt it was another one of their crimes
Now their writing utensils lay silent much like the art of most mimes
These are the main routes of negative human relations
For a lot of people they just cause to many complications
:iconshapiro7861:Shapiro7861 1 3
Fired Up by JohnKyo Fired Up :iconjohnkyo:JohnKyo 27 7
If Tonight...
If tonight was the last time I saw you
I'd never stop looking at you
I would make sure to never forget what you look like
If tonight was the last time I talked to you
I would tell you everything I loved about you
And when the night came to an end I'd never stop telling you I loved you
If tonight was the last time I held you
I would never let go even if my arms fell off
And all the time in the world could never be enough
If tonight was the last time I got to know you
I'd ask so many questions I wouldn't get enough answers
And if your voice went away I'd write them
If tonight was the last night either of us were alive
I would leave knowing what love was
And even eternity wouldn't be long enough to be with you
:iconshapiro7861:Shapiro7861 1 6


Hello to anyone still watching. I have come to the realization that I have disappeared from this website for quite some time. 

A man I used to know walked into my office (I have an office now)
We discussed the days when we saw each other on a regular basis
He discussed the art I used to make - wondered if there was anywhere he could see it.

Which brought me back here.

Soon I will come with art; I guess I'm just wondering if there's more than one person out there who wants to see it.

P.s. I forgot how lovely the art is around here!


Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Hello there. I'm Samantha, or Sam, whichever you prefer. I'm a self-proclaimed mediocre "artist" living life in a state shaped like a mitten. I go to music festivals, eat a lot of food, and enjoy being outdoors. I paint and write quite a bit but not much of my"work" makes it out into the world.


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